Fixin Vixens Podcast

Fixing and flipping homes require a lot of skills... and endless spunk. The name FIXIN VIXENS “nails” our hosts’ personalities -- even though their approaches to home improvement are quite different. Annie McMichael grew up one of 15 children in Bardstown, Kentucky, with a mom who was a natural do-it-yourselfer. She exposed Annie to all aspects of rehabbing that now Annie incorporates in all her historic Victorians, bungalows and shotgun homes in Louisville. Alex Bolton is a licensed real estate broker in Kentucky and Florida who also credits family for getting her into the biz. When Alex was 8-months pregnant, she bought ten houses at auction on behalf of her investor and it’s been a whirlwind ever since. These ladies do it all – Bnbs, rentals, flips, staging, selling, buying and renovating other architecture, including a church, carriage house and more. These two “vixens” will inspire you to take home matters in your own hands in a new interactive way! From the producer of HGTV’s “Tiny House, Big Living."